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7 Cyber Security
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7 Cyber Security

You’re not alone. Having helped non-profits and mission organizations stay safe and secure in closed-access countries for over 15 years, we’ve noticed common trends that can compromise your presence in-country, result in financial loss or legal troubles. That’s why we’ve put together 7 Cyber Security Wisdom Principles Every Non-Profit Should Know. Click the image to download this infographic for your organization!


1Billion Devices
have been infected by malware.

The number of infected devices per year also continues to rise. It has been in the hundreds of millions year on year for the past decade.

50% more
cyberattacks on average per week in 2021 than 2020.

According to the collected trends and statistics for 2022 so far that increase is only expected to grow.

279 days

Data breaches in 2021 took 279 days to detect on average, resulting in $1.2m more cost to contain and fix, and led to ongoing costs for years to come.

560K+ per day
Malware are released on the internet

It is estimated the number of new malware released each day will continues to rise.

4 Every Minute
Companies are infected by malware.

According to DataProt measurements, a company is infected by malware every four minutes.

As modern security measures cause older forms of ransomware and malware to decrease in effectiveness, more advanced and potent phishing websites and emails have dramatically increased in number and will continue to do so.

Often, phishing campaigns exploit security gaps that open as companies roll out Work from Home or Remote Work solutions which exchange convenience for the security measures built into corporate networks. Human error and unsecured devices allow cyberattacks to infiltrate the company infrastructure and devices.

For most organizations, there is simply no way to keep up with the ongoing and increased rate of cyberattacks AND run your business at the same. Add into the mix the extra costs and risks involved, and it makes the prospect even worse.

Your organization wants create transformational change and grow, but the increasing onslaught of cyber threats requires sleepless analysis and real-time, adaptive defense. Therefore, the choice is to:


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Discuss your organizational goals and needs with Mike.

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The Digital Solution.
Tailored for You.

- In 2021, the average total cost of a data breach was $4.24 million.
- Movaci Security Operation Center threats detected this year / monthly average / daily average.
- Organizations with a tailored IT Solution are more secure, more focused, and make a bigger impact than those who deploy DIY generic solutions.

Strengthens Your Technology.

We strive to strengthen your technology by keeping on the cutting edge of the fast-paced and complex digital world. Using both industry-standard and proprietary solutions, we create the exact solution you need to operate securely now, with the ability to scale to meet the needs of tomorrow.

 Secure Cloud

Save, share and collaborate on all your files. Any time. From anywhere. 100% Secure and supported 24/7 by Movaci’s ITIL-certified technicians.

 Managed Online Backup (MOB)

Secure, cloud-based backup that’s truly ‘set and
forget’. Movaci’s engineers will organize, schedule
and ensure all business-critical files are backed up on
our servers. We’ve got your back-up.

 Microsoft Solutions

All your Microsoft products strategized, set up and managed by an official Microsoft Gold Partner, with your entire IT infrastructure in mind so it just works.

 Managed Services

Your business needs combined with our expertise and implementation. Movaci’s always-on solutions are tailored to offer select or complete management by our team, and are scalable to ensure your organization grows securely, and simply.

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A Certifiably-Strong Company

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For more than a decade, Movaci’s team has held the highest certifications with global leaders like Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA and others to ensure our clients' access to the best-in-class solutions.

Simplifies Your Security

Security against complex, constant threats requires a comprehensive, always-on solution. But for most companies, 24-7 monitoring and threat detection pulls them away from their core purpose. That’s why a Managed Services Agreement by Movaci strengthens your technology and simplifies your security.

Security Services

Expert, round-the-clock protection at Movaci’s Security Operations Center handles all aspects of your digital security, so you don’t have to.

Security Operations Center

24/7 access to the SOC Team
- Customized and flexible support for your organization's
unique situation
- Expert security monitoring and compliance assurance
- Full cloud-based monitoring and management with
no additional hardware costs
- Real-time updates from 3+ sources
- Best-in-class encryption based on ISO methodologies

By helping organizations create advanced platforms and managing all complexities of cyber security, we serve as a catalyst to:

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Creating Efficiency

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Boosting Productivity

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Increasing Profitability

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Empowers Your Team to Effect
Global Change

Your personalized security is our top priority. Therefore, we provide customized solutions that cater to your unique needs as a company, whether your need is staff-wide Security Awareness Training, or specialized training in Microsoft, HIPAA Compliance, ITIL Axelos, or external Management of your infrastructure through a Managed Service Agreement.

By leveraging top-level credentials, industry best practices, and globally recognized standards, Movaci frees you from the hassle of dealing with cyber-attacks so that you can get back to doing what you do best – running your organization and thriving in the digital age.


Bespoke training crafted and facilitated for you by highly certified Movaci Staff

Our ITIL-certified staff are always on, so you don’t have to be

Strengthen the capabilities of your IT team with Movaci’s solution experts

Each Team Member is our Strength
Our team strives to make your life easier. From Solutions Consultants who help map out the best solution for you, to Technicians who are obsessed with achieving the highest credentials in their area of expertise, to our support team who thrive on helping our customers 24/7 — helping you accomplish your vision is our mission.

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Discuss your organizational goals and needs with Mike.

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Why Movaci?

Why have hundreds of organizations in over 30 countries trust Movaci to strengthen their technology and simplify their security?

Experience in high-risk areas.
Movaci has a long track record of helping missions-based organizations stay safe and secure in closed-access countries. We are very much aware of the possibility of expulsion from a country, financial loss, and legal troubles.

Thrive in cross-cultural situations
Our offices span the globe, and our own staff deal with cross-cultural issues daily. We keep all of those hurdles in mind while working toward strengthening your technology and simplifying your security within your unique work environment.

To serve, not to be served.
Our mission is to thoroughly manage, update, and support your security systems to keep you and your staff safe in a potentially hostile environment, both on and off the Web. This is our gift which we have received from God. This is our duty of service to you as fellow stewards.


Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.
– 1 Peter 4:1

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